IMPORTANT NOTE TO VISITORS: This web site is OPINION oriented, and this means that the feelings, ideas and desires expressed here may not be shared by all persons who visit and read this information.  For this reason,  I  highly recommend that you do your OWN homework like your 6th grade teacher taught you (at least I assume they still teach that in schools, although it is certainly questionable since the inception of the Federal Dept .of Education  - what a waste of money that is...  part of the new NANNY STATE to take care of  idiots like you - if you fit the description, that is...). 

This is a PERSONAL WARNING from ME to YOU to convince you to stay the hell out of Florida.  Admittedly, it is as much for the preservation of what is left of this pitiful state (not much, unfortunately), as it is for your own well being,  but if you read this and you STILL move to Florida,  you no longer have the option of saying you were not warned. 

Also keep in mind that if you live in a densely packed city in the north east somewhere, and you pay 3 times the combined tax rate we now pay in  most places in Florida, then after buying a house in Florida and living here a while, it will seem like a Tax Paradise to you! (In fact, I can hear you  now: "Yippee! Honey, look how low this tax bill is!").  However, the euphoria will wear off if you wanted to find work and you realize that most jobs here only pay 1/3rd what you made up in the "Big City" for the same skill set.

You also need to understand WHY this is the way it is.  It is basically because a very large number of people here live on fixed incomes (retirees), and they do not like, nor can they afford to fund boondoggles like the "high-speed" (43 Mph) rail that Washington tried to push on us. They KNOW it will never pay for itself, and the only reason the retiree would vote for it is because they intend to jump off the platform onto the track and end their miserable, bankrupt lives because you moved down here and forced higher taxes on them trying to build another DAMNED SOCIALIST NANNY STATE like the one you want to escape right now.  Admit it - it's not just the weather, is it... You are being TAXED TO DEATH  UP THERE and you can't take it any more. Florida looks pretty good, eh?  BUT NOT SO FAST, BUCKY - before you pack up and move, read the list below  VERY CAREFULLY to make sure you KNOW exactly what you're getting into.

On the off chance you do move here, then you turn around and vote for and elect the same type of TAX and SPEND MORON POLITICIANS you elected up there who want nothing more than to GROW GOVERNMENT like a a run-away fungus so they can create the ULTIMATE NANNY STATE II  (like the failed pertri dish you just left or want to escape right now), don't expect your taxes to stay low for very long.  And besides, (and I ask this question all the time), if they built the "Ultimate Nanny State"  up there to take care of you, then why the hell are you leaving it to come down here, anyway?  Like I said, It can't be the weather alone.  We have seen many move here, then pack up one year later and leave because of the high humidity, the insects, nasty Hurricanes  (coupled with bad insurance), or because their dog was eaten by a gator (and that happens far more often then you hear about  - "dog eaten by gator" doesn't even make the local news, anymore - Now, Gator EATS MAN! - that's newsworthy).  Only human dismemberment or death by a gator is important enough for the news - but only if a "baby murder trial" is not blanketing the airwaves like it is right now.   Where's "Jerry Rivera" when you really need him...

So you're asking yourself: "Why does this "nut job" with a sick sense of humor care if I move to Florida or somewhere else?" - Well I'll tell you - I was born in Miami and grew up in Florida where we could walk 10 miles from North Miami to Coconut Grove and fear nothing but the sun and the ribbon of asphalt under our usually bare feet. You can't do that now - especially as a child. You would be molested or kidnapped and sold into sex-slavery in a heart beat. I have watched the state slowly being covered from end to end by concrete and slums. About 750,000 of the "immigrants" here are UNINVITED, ILLEGAL and UNWELCOME.  Yes, those wonderful 1200 sq. ft. cookie-cutter housing developments of yester-year (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s) are mostly slums now, and many are filled with illegals, drug malls, and disease.   I try not to venture south of Cape Canaveral due to CRIME and DISEASE - TB - yes, lots of TB and a lot of it is MDRTB - Multiple Drug Resistant TB (be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID - It is fatal).  My parents moved from North Miami to the north east part of the state after my father was robbed and beaten twice in North Miami (once while working, and once while riding a bicycle for exercise in broad daylight).  After the Mariel Boat lift 1  things were never quite the same in this state.  Only now it seems to be more Mexican and South American gangs than just Colombian drug murder squads...  and other groups that I'm sure I can't even imagine - pretty sad, eh?  
The Mariel Boat lift was when Fidel Castro literally emptied his prisons into Florida  (and most were NOT political prisoners as some would have you believe - they were murderers, child molesters, perverts, thieves, and more with similar lifetime careers...). I grew up and went to school with GOOD - no GREAT hard working, Cuban immigrants - darned fine people (the BEST).  Yes, they are still there, and I suspect they don't like what has happened to the state now, either.

All That Said, here is the WARNING:


After reading the below details, if you move to Florida, you're as dumb as a post, brain-dead,
or you're just a MORON looking for a difficult way to live out the rest of your miserable,
stupid, worthless  life...
(pretty melodramatic, eh?)

If you were thinking of permanently moving to any town in Florida, literally ANY town, but especially south of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Oak Hill, and in fact, all the way south down to Miami, and this includes Orlando (unless you can get a house inside of Disney World, Sea World  or Universal Studios - Even I must admit it would be nice to live inside one of the theme parks... good security, backup power, Hurricane shelters not to mention rubbing elbows with a cast of movie characters "Hey Goofy - is the hurricane over us yet? Where's does Mickey keep the beer?"):



First, read this Time magazine article:,9171,1821648-1,00.html

If that article doesn't whack some sense into your rock-hard noggin, then read on and just maybe I can get through your hard head with a small atomic bomb... (because if you are still thinking of moving here after that, you may need to see a shrink).

Do you walk?  (you know... with your legs?) - If you move here, you, your children or friends that visit you are a target for the worst drivers in the world (as in, "FLORIDA IS THE HIT & RUN CAPITAL OF THE USA"! - Human road kill (That's right: "It's not just for Armadillos, any more!"). GUARD YOUR KIDS! KEEP THEM  CLOSE TO YOU WHILE ON FOOT...).  Read this article about Florida's Pedestrian Traffic DEATH record (it's pretty sad - almost 20 million BONEHEADS in the state and we all have to play FROGGER, and WE are the frogs):
Why is it like this?  Read this next article and you'll get it - (hint: it's about criminals selling licenses and IDs to anyone with ca$h)

And surely what feeds all this is THIS - "the Pill Mill mentality" (read on, Goober - or is it Gomer?):

The current governor is trying to stop it (and we applaud him for it, too), but meanwhile, the money for all the drugs comes from somewhere - I can hear Fred Rogers now: "Can you say CRIME boys and girls?  I Can... CRIME!"):,8599,1981582,00.html

You need to find out what a real mess this state is in, and what you will REALLY be facing if you move here. If you do, I'm sure you will make the sensible choice and go elsewhere.  South Carolina is really looking good these days!
Check this out - Heck, I'm considering it, myself!

Do NOT listen to town, city, county, state governments, developer advertising or real estate agents.
EVERY ONE OF THEM will fill you full of lies as they continue to line their pockets or attempt to continue to work the BIG PONZI SCHEME that is the Florida Real Estate BOOM that has been booming for 40 years...  The secret they won't tell you is,  New Development does NOT pay for itself like they say. That is the biggest lie of all - it is right up there with "You won't get pregnant! - I had a vasectomy! HONEST!" 
If new development did pay for itself, New York City would have NO TAXES at all!  Think about it...

Every major city in Florida, and almost every little town is affected.  FOLKS, FLORIDA IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE, and everyone (especially the developers and city governments)  ARE TRYING TO HIDE IT FROM YOU DUMB OUT-OF-STATE NEWBIES!   This is so they can get you to move here for the initial cash you plunk down for the HUGE IMPACT FEES... (or the $1000 impact fee just to allow your car to stay here).  After you do, you are on your own, you dimwit, and it is NOT going to be very pretty, either.   Don't complain to the city - the developer will simply declare bankruptcy (again) - you won't get what's promised...  "They said there would be exercise facilities and an Olympic sized swimming with hot and cold running beer and wine...  where is it?  <nyuk nyuk nyuk>
  (Larry, Moe and Curly - the Developers - just left with the profits.... and you get JACK SQUAT!  Have a nice day.).

The rest of this page lists at least a dozen very real reasons why you should NOT move to Florida (if you have a choice, that is). You military people under orders have no choice, but you can get out of here later...   I was born here, so I am trying to protect what little is left, but I fear we may have already lost the cause. How sad is that?  30 years ago we have over 100 Florida Panthers on the wild... now there may be 50, and most of them are genetically on their way to extinction - their skulls are too thin to survive. Inbreeding causes it. Too little area to properly breed.  Pretty sad.  We used to try to see one when I was a boy scout. Not any more.  Now you can't find a uninhabited beach to camp on like we used to.... bummer <sniff>.

If you already live here, you know all about it, and you may even be looking for a way to sell your pitiful house and GET THE HELL OUT (while you still can...).  Right here in Edgewater, every seventh house is EMPTY or has a For Sale sign on it  (with a REDUCED AGAIN, or a FORECLOSURE or BANK OWNED  sticker on it) and they are not selling, either.  It seems that even when property values go down, there appears to be some "hitch" in the property tax laws and your taxes go up anyway!  And they don't have to reduce your taxes... how convenient for the governments, but that is another story (since taxes here are probably lower than where YOU live - at least for now - they WILL go way up, soon.  I guarantee it).

If you're a tourist, we love you, and YES, we still love that adorable big, shrilly-sounding Rodent, Mickey... if he lives through this mess.  And yes, all the rides and theme parks are SAFE - after all - Disney knows how to make things safe.

Here are 10 (or more) VERY VALID reasons why you should NEVER move to Florida:
(visiting is still OK, I' pretty sure of that... in fact, it is the one thing I RECOMMEND all of you do - "PARTY DOWN, GARTH! With Mickey!")

1. NO Water - The lush green lawns are dying, and even though we have had "some" rains lately (and 4 hurricanes in the past 6 years), the lakes are all drying up and almost every city and town in the state is on water restrictions (and if you move here, the locals will treat you like dirt because you will consuming more of their water - yes, people like me will not be nice to you "newbies" - oh yes, we'll be nice like we always are... we'll invite you over for Sweet Tea and a BBQ, but behind our backs we'll curse you and piss and moan about you until we get to know you, then you'll be one of us, and we'll all do it to the next schmuck... and maybe someday we'll learn how to be mean and then we will tell you to your pudgy, pasty face - Go AWAY! (until we get to know you, that is... then you'll be one of us and we'll have beer and wine together talk about how the newbies are screwing up the state... hey... it's something to do at a BBQ, ok?).

2. The beaches are all but gone
. Even though cities along the east coast have poured million$ (literally million$$$) into dumping more sand along the coast, the storms just keep washing it away.  And this is also causing a blight on the beach tourism, and this contributes to #3 (next)

3. Certain types of VIOLENT CRIMES are on the INCREASE!  - Hit and Runs (we're talking Human Road Kill here), car-jacking, and HOME Invasions, gas theft, and similar)
- Yes, the worst is home invasions unless you are one of the dead pedestrians (in which case that is a bad one for you!). Just when you think you are safe taking a walk, WHAM - you get hit, killed, and they take off (probably because they don't have a valid license or no insurance) - or maybe your home will be broken into (with YOU THERE) -  And these people will kill you just so you won't testify -
in many cases they are GANG members or roving bands of violent juvenilesCheck the FBI statistics if you don't believe us... it is sad, but true. Most violent crimes went down all over the US! (very true) - but Home invasions went UP! WTF? Many of us carry guns in our own homes (or keep them where we can get to them in seconds when we hear something outside).  Right here in small towns and cities like Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Apopka, and in the bigger cities like Orlando... we need to be armed to feel safe.  And this is NOT good for tourism, either. But don't worry. Just like in Mexico, they concentrate police in the tourist areas (for that very reason, of course) - and everyone knows that Disney has their own Secret Police (we Floridians call them the "Mousead - Pronounced like: "Mouse-Odd" - think Israeli Secret Police/Spy Agency) - And they are probably far superior to the FBI or Secret Service ... (go on - try something in Disney World or Epcot! - you'll just disappear underground in the tunnels someplace - you'll probably become some sort of rodent food) - Do NOT mess with the mouse.... At least Walt's place is still safe - in fact, Floridians go there just to feel safe, sometimes...

4. The local governments are totally controlled by the big developers (along with unionized police and fire departments - its ;ole that everywhere, except no developers up your way, I take it?) -
It is the new impact fees from the developers that let the governments pay for the BIG retirements for the fire fighters and police - Yes, it literally pays for their retirements - UNTIL THE PONZI SCHEME HALTS - as in "no more land..."  (for years, many of us also suspected "the Mob" had a hand in some of it, too - at least the land deals - but we have no real proof of that).  The developers have very deep pockets because of schmucks...,  er..., I mean suckers like you that move here without doing their homework.  About the only place that seems safe is a place called The Villages... and that is simply because there are 50,000 old people there and some young punk covered with tattoos that has a rusty 9mm stuffed in his leather jacket stands out too much to get in and look around - but don't worry, that will change when these criminals get more desperateAnd they WILL get desperate because the US dollar is about to collapse due to the SHEER STUPIDITY (and I do mean STUPIDITY) of the federal government that simply can't stop spending. They borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend (look at Spain, Greece - "Something wicked this way comes...." - when it does collapse late 2011 or 2012,  Florida is NOT where you want to be unless you are VERY heavily armed and have lots of food stored away somewhere.

5. ILLEGALS -  this place is LOADED with law breakers - People who broke into our country, and now they must  break many other laws to survive here  - We are no. 4 getting close to no.  3 on the list of states most loaded with Illegal aliens (I really think we are #3, but who knows).   Legal Immigrants are OK, although levels of all immigrants must be reduced to prevent overpopulation of the US to preserve our ecology and natural resources or we will end up as is accurately predicted by  (Watch the movie on the page where the next link takes you - it should SCARE the hell out of you, as well as educate you (or do you just want to stay stupid forever?):

I'm not sure why, but they get mad when you don't speak Spanish, meanwhile, did you know that as many as 40,000 illegals are infected with virulent strains of TB and other exotic diseases that they were nice enough to bring with them when they BROKE-IN to "visit us" forever?  Don't believe me? Go to You Tube and watch Dr. Madaline Cosman tell you about the literal TIME BOMB we face (and Florida has a lot of that very bomb around the state):
Or visit the Centers for Disease Control Web Site and enter Illegal Immigration and TB and see what you get...
-  it's not like the days of Ellis Island where they checked you out and if you sick they didn't let you in. OPEN BORDERS isn't jsut a bad idea, it's a STUPID idea created by MORONS.   If you were a risk to the US population (and that is the MAIN reason we have a federal government) they used to send you back.  Now they are welcomed to infect us all (with Mosquitoes as a vector for some diseases), and Florida has more than our fair share of Mosquitoes down here in the Sun Burned, Waterless, State - we are #3 or #4 in the US for illegals and maybe No. 2 for disease carriers with nasty diseases that spread with just a cough!  (Welcome to the Mall COUGH - HACK - SPIT... get any on you?)

6. Taxes have gone crazy! - Yes, yes yes.... Florida has no Income tax, but I can tell you from experience that the taxes on my little 1500 square foot BOX home went from $1300/yr to over $3000 in just two years.  And now that the property values dropped again, the Tax rate was hiked to keep the taxes high! They went down a little, but not like they should have... This is caused by the local governments being owned by the BIG DEVELOPERS, and many of the towns and cities are doing everything they can to squeeze the citizens for cash...  YOU DO NOT want to retire here!!  If you are are on a fixed income,  you are a monetary disaster waiting to happen in this state. If you are lucky, someone will talk you out of moving here (or shoot you on the way in) and save you the hassle.
6A - Speed TrapVille. - these cities are going NUTS trying to get cash from ANYWHERE - EVERYWHERE - if you drive a bit fast, get our your wallet - and God help you if you get two moving violations - your insurance will go through the roof!
7. NO AFFORDABLE HOME INSURANCE - Get this: The nation's NUMBER ONE RATED insurance company left the state of Florida (as of 2007). Yes, USAA has pulled out because they were losing their butts on this place thanks to the state government and Governor Crist... (what a poor excuse for a Governor, and a human...).   I hoped they would stay and just raise their rates (I'm a 20 year+ Military Vet, and I was born here in 1955), but noooo... the laws in this state forced them to leave.  Now the basic insurance on my little 1500 sq ft  CONCRETE BLOCK house (which is not a fire hazard, at all)  went from $300/yr to over $1300/year (just Fire and causality) with a company I do not know or yet trust. And if it floods, it is not covered at all. I do not like governmentr subsidized flood insurance. It's a handout. Yes, if water gets blown in that was already on the streets, they call it "flooding" and you are NOT covered (how nice).  But I'm sure the Fed will offer you flood insurance... on the backs of the taxpayers (like you).   And one other thing - the deductibles are now in HIGH percentages. Like 7% plus $3000.  Do if you have a home appraised at $200,000, and it gets whacked by a hurricane, you get nothing until you pay the first $17,000 in repairs.  You read it right.  YOU WILL PAY fotr most hurricane damage!  And that kind of insurance may cost $1500/year.

8.  Did I mention HURRICANES?  We native Floridians have never been afraid of them, but now with the state packed so full (we have 20 million people here, sports fans, just waiting to loot your abandoned house before you get back to it...), we now have to fear roving bands of looters after the storms... (yes, we'll just shoot them, but that is expensive ammo we have to waste - it's a buck a bullet for my AR-15! - Yes, I need one to protect myself here... sad. eh?) and the roads and traffic are so bad, evacuating is not an option if a nasty one creeps up on us (and they can, and they often form right offshore of us).

9. ALLIGATORS, SNAKES, KOMODO DRAGONS, ALL GONE CRAZY! - We have always had gators and snakes (indigenous ones)  - In fact, a gator ran up on my front lawn in North Miami when I was a small child - Scared the daylights out of me. But my mother knew what to do, and I learned, too (give them SPACE- and lots of it). Well, things have changed. We have taken most of their swamps and food away, and now, many of the idiots that live here have bought things like Anacondas, Cobras, Boa Constrictors, Komodo Dragons (monitor lizards), and other nasty poisonous reptiles, and when they got too big to to be "pets" they just turned them lose in what is left of our wet lands, the Everglades, and in the lakes around Orlando and the St. Johns River
(Hell, they were NEVER PETS - but they probably had a higher IQ then the IDIOTS that bought them and grew tired of them and turned them lose)And guess what - they have multiplied, and they eat small dogs, cats, and grandchildren, too.   Monitor Lizards get up to 13 feet long! Just last year, 3 women were EATEN (yes, killed and chewed up) by HUNGRY Alligators. One of them was just dangling her feet off of a dock, and WHOOSH - Dead after a violent, nasty death being drowned and ripped apart for 15 minutes (what a painful, nasty way to go, too).  If you move here, you or your child, or grandchild could be the next meal for our reptilian friends. I even read where some of the local "crackers"  have even been teaching them to "see people as a food source" - (yes, I suppose that's one way to solve the horrible overcrowding in Florida - "Why sure... come on down for a nice meal - and you are the MAIN DISH, you idiots!"  And I also just read that we are now down from 80 to between 30 and 50 Florida Panthers as of January 2011.  And  the dead Panthers they have found are so inbred from a lack of space that their brains and skulls were not fully formed.  It is a very sad state of nature here in the "Sunshine Death State" -- Soon the Florida Panther will be extinct and no one can change it - How sad is that?

10. THE LOCALS WILL HATE YOUR GUTS!  - (not really), but you will be treated like someone that went into a homeless shelter and took all the food out of the mouths of the small, starving childrenYou see, you are a resource consumer - and we do NOT want or need you here. When it gets down to the local governments telling us we can't shower but once every other day, or every 3 days,  many of us may just start shooting newbies (or more likely the politicians) to ease the water consumption problems.  But it gets even worse than that - the state government has passed a law that basically says the current resident's taxes won't go up but a few percentage points per year, but yours (the newbies) will start out MUCH, MUCH higher! Not only are you a food source for the gators, you are CHUMPS for the town coffers of these jerks. So when you see an AD by a city government telling you to "Come on Down to Florida!"  make sure to check the fine print for the phrase: "FAT, TASTY, PASTY SUCKERS WITH MONEY ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!  BRING FULL WALLET..."

11. MOSQUITOES - This past summer was the worst batch I have seen since the flooded days after Hurricane Donna in 1962 where I grew up in North Miami (which was very much a wooded, outlying area back then) - I mean the worst in many years! - of course, we here in Florida have them ALL YEAR LONG -  The local governments are really not too bright, at all.  Their latest "water drainage management" technique is to make someone build a shallow pond on their property. It is deep enough to hold water run-off for 6 to 12 inches of rain for that property (and many of them are deep enough to drown a small child, too - (but that is yet another very sad and terrible story). These "ponds" are EVERYWHERE and are havens for mosquito larvae - sometimes they don't drain for weeks or months, and man do they multiply in them...   Do they spray them? No. And I wouldn't want them to, either. We have WAY more than enough poison here, thank you!  If you move here, there is no doubt that you will get several forms of CANCER...  we are simply packed with POISONS (from idiots that don't know how to control bugs in an ecologically sounds manner!)   For example, we bought and used Ladybugs in our vegetable garden last year to get rid of aphids and other little under-the-leaf pests. It works, too!  READ-IT -- LEARN ABOUT  IT -- JUST DO IT!   But most do not, and since there are all kinds of bugs here (ever wake up with a Scorpion in your nose?  I have), but these NON-GREEN-THUMBED dummies just keep spraying poisons on so thick that it must have something to do with the rising Cancer rates here in Florida...  I counted the cans of different kinds of bug sprays and bug poison powders in my neighbors garage - 25 different kinds... and not one them said "Use only on Politicians!" (where it might possibly be useful).

(or even dumber - if that is even possible), and by 2012 the sea water level was supposed to go up.... but it didn't AL!  What's up with that?  It surely is not getting any hotter here as predicted (well, he is either a bad liar or a poor scientist). I suspect that if planetary history repeats itself, then we are probably headed into a Mini-Ice Age like happened back in the 1600s to 1700s (or thereabouts).  But if you believe Al Gore (almost crowned Liar-in-Chief, like the Democrat we have now who has us in 4 WARS instead of 2) you should STAY UP NORTH where it will be 75 degrees all winter long, very soon. You GO AL!  (you meat head) - and now they are trying to totally control every aspect of your miserable life...  then again, if you move to Florida you will demonstrate a need to be controlled - because you obviously can't make an intelligent decision by yourself.

You do know that
CO2 is NEEDED here on Earth, and it is NOT a poison gas as they say, and humans are not capable of producing too much of it. YOU MORONIC VEGETABLES!  They will control every aspect of your DUMB, WORTHLESS EXISTENCE, if you let them. Gore was set to make BILLIONS on the concept of a Carbon Exchange....  yeah - let the PEONS pay for something they can't see, taste, feel or measure - Man, it's the perfect scam!  If you are that dumb, you probably WILL move to Florida...

13. A SERIOUSLY STUPID IDEA TO SOLVE FLORIDA'S WATER PROBLEM - You see, part of the water problem stems from the fact that cities pump millions of gallons into homes, and we flush it, then they "treat it" and pump this "treated water" (oh yeah, its water.. just taste it! NOT...) into the Indian River or the Atlantic ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. And of course, with so much concrete and asphalt, the water doesn't drain down to recharge the aquifer
at the rate it once did.  The levels in Florida's Aquifers are dropping like a rock!  So the Water Management "Rocket Scientists" say (and yes, that's sarcasm): "Hey, why don't we pump some of this dirty run-off water from the storm sewers back down into the clean Aquifer, and maybe we can keep it filled up even though 20 million morons are pumping it dry every day... I'm sure it will magically clean itself while it's down there! So what if there is a wee bit of oil from car motors in it... so what if there are pesticides in it... what's a few more cancer cases - these old fart are dying anyway!" --  Well... guess what?  For some unknown reason it is not working, and the only thing they seem to be doing is poisoning what is left of Florida's clean water in the aquifers....   so, if you need a new exotic form of cancer, COME ON DOWN AND DRINK UP, BATHE, GET WET!!  But don't worry. The "parts per million" of these run-off chemicals they send down there are very small... they are so very sure they won't hurt you!  So COME ON DOWN! (and don't forget your wallet!).   Here is some more info on it:

Do you know how much water desalination costs?   If this question doesn't mean anything to you, then you best not move to Florida. It is VERY, VERY expensive (and if the "sludge problems" in the new Tampa system means anything, we're all screwed...).    If we were to shift to desalination, the cost would be 25 to 50 times that of pumping it out of the ground (I originally thought it was 5 to 10 times more -- "BZZZZZT" - The buzzer says I'm wrong - it is more like 25 to 50 times as much).  Now, take the water part of the  monthly $100 water/sewer/garbage bill (about $30) and see how it feels at $500 to $750 - your darn right you won't shower so often - you'll smell so bad you'll think you were teleported to Egypt!  Yummy!  eh?  Here are estimates from Australia (they have a lot of experience with desalination): 
"Presently, the reported costs of desalinating water using current technologies fall within the range A$0.80/kL to A$2.10/kL, depending upon the process, location and the potential for blending with marginal quality groundwater (Water Corporation, 2000). These costs do not include salt and sludge disposal or water distribution costs."
That is about  $1.50 to $3.00 per 50 gallons from salt water in 2007 US Dollars.  Go look at your last water bill - specifically the number of gallons, then do the math at 5 to 7 cents/gallon - scared yet? Not me. I have my own water collection and treatment system (a 10,000 gallon cistern - and I am NOT sharing with any of you idiot newbies - go stuff yourselves and ROT in the desert that used to be the Everglades or the St John's River basin along with all the dead Manatee... ever small a dead manatee?  - very nasty, indeed).

NOTE: This is a personal web site I pay for myself
- It is not affiliated with anyone or anything else, even though I am. This is the truth as I see it, and it is all true to anyone that does some research and is not blinded by the $$$ or power of being a small-time, peanut-brained, City or County Council member.  I am a retired
Coast Guard Commissioned Officer and I was born in this state (in Miami) - and I have literally "been around the world" - I can tell you quite honestly that this state is in SERIOUS TROUBLE.  Even though I am a member of several organizations that like to preserve some of nature (you have to be, or the City $uit$ will $ue your pant$ off), I am not some kind of crazy tree huger. In fact, I am usually a pro-growth conservative - yes, one of those nasty Republicans (although they seem to be brain dead, too) - SO BITE ME!  (I vote that way unless it is proved to be a bad idea  - like our current president the Liar-In-Chief or the almost-Liar-in-Chief Gore) - but I'm going to change and register as an "Indie" soon because I can't find ONE politician in the state of Florida on either side of the political Isle with enough brains to blow his or her nose if their brains were high quality C4.  Or, If they have them, they are not willing to use them.  Folks, Florida is like a big hamster cage that no one is cleaning - and they just keep adding more hamsters.  It gets worse each and every year. The developers can't do anything else. It is all they know how to do. They do it knowing full well that  they don't have to live here (we do - yes, they are ALL from out of state). They don't give a damn about the quality of our lives or our children's lives - they will be gone.  It's the old Carpet Baggers, all over again.  But one thing I am fairly certain of, is that it has already gone too far, and we are IN SERIOUS TROUBLE (no matter what we do)!   Keep an eye on Georgia and North Florida - watch the fiasco as it unfolds before you.  Unless it hits central and south Florida first...  either way. "It ain't lookin' real purty...."  - Rains temporarily add water to rivers that are drying up and becoming polluted due to much slower roving waters in the tributaries, springs, and streams that feed them.
Of course, I'm not that worried - I added an underground 10,000 gallon filtered water cistern with a roof catchment system and an 7/gal per day solar-powered desalination system (my family will have plenty of fresh water).  Then I moved... <sigh> so I have to build another one.  It is the animals that I fear will suffer the most. The rest of you can go stand in line behind the big National Guard trucks as they dispense water that tastes like old paint from the 1960s (I have had to do that in the past after hurricanes, and man does it ever taste like crap! - Enjoy it, you meat heads!). If you move to Florida, you deserve it...

Below my name (which is back now) - I removed it due to death threats - Anyway, there are some web sites that will let you get a taste for the damage that is already done and continues to be done in the name of "growth."  Do these morons not realize that growth must stop at some point?  Do they not know that it is not something that can be sustained forever?  "Hey you nitwits - only so many marbles will fit in the jar" - it's a physics problem.... oh wait, you graduated from a school in Florida... they also happen to be some of the lowest rated in the nation (thanks to the Developers...).

And my quote for the YEAR (an "original" by me, of course):  "The hamsters are going to revolt soon, and when that happens, the men and women with small minds in the city and county governments all over the state had better look out, or the gators will find out what developer-fed rotten meat tastes like..."

  Richard Burgess
   Volusia County
   Edgewater, Florida 
(where the county and city councils do NOT care about the future of the state or its CURRENT residents...)

I had removed my name at one point to stop the death threats - You really are a bunch of nice people - You must be developers or politicians  (I'm not really sure which)  - but I'm willing to bet that exactly the same thing will happen to my hollow point 45 cal. bullets no matter which type of person they hit in self-defense - they will knock you down (no matter where it hits you) - it will leave a NICE one inch hole on entry, then it will blow a 6 to 10 inch wide GAPING hole on exit taking several pounds of organ meat with it  - So keep your damned distance). 

Pretty soon the whole state will be nothing but crappy overcrowded towns with no green between them, and 4 to 6 lane roads with strip malls, pawn shops, drug dealers abnd prostitutes from one end of the state to the other  - welcome to Florida.

Oh yes, and thanks for nothing, you criminal politicians

Read the material at these links carefully, then BE SMART - MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE:
From Time Magazine:,9171,1821648-1,00.html
From UFL:
From NumbersUSA:
Dr. Madaline Cosman on the TB TIME BOMB we face (especially Florida):
From Crime Center:
Article on Aquifer destruction by BRAINLESS dirty water injection:

And remember, South Carolina is so very beautiful...
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Oh, and have a nice day... 

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